DELL   (Dedicated to enhanced learning & living)

Mission of the DELL

The goal of the DELL is to encourage people of all ages to experience quality educational, recreational, and/or creative activities free of charge as a public service. By connecting children and adults to local organizations, businesses, and community members, we hope to provide a community based learning lifestyle. This service also helps introduce children at a young age to the healthy eating habits that a Farmers’ market can offer.


Then consider volunteering to "host" or facilitate an activity at The DELL!  You can choose to be available at the D.E.L.L. booth the whole morning, or for just an hour or two so it can fit into any schedule!

Why Volunteer?

In order to truly maximize the potential of this free and accessible creative and educational "classroom", we need individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses to volunteer their creative energy, community spirit, and four hours of their time on a market day of their choice (first come, first serve). Volunteering to host a day at the market is a great way to get involved with and show support for the local community, economy, and foods movement. It is great exposure for groups, organizations, and businesses. It is a unique and fun family activity and a terrific play-date.

Volunteering groups, businesses, or individuals must:

Provide an activity, lesson, or project that aligns with the mission of “The DELL” (i.e. incorporates the market itself, educational topic, hands on activity, and/or creative process or activity).
Be prepared to accommodate up to 75 individuals.
Bring or provide their own teaching and/or project materials.
Bring their own staff or volunteers to facilitate their activity.
Uphold their commitment.
Advertise in their forums as desired.
Clean up after their activity.
Create a fun and welcoming atmosphere.
Abide by the rules provided by the market director.

The Downtown Midland Farmers’ Market will:

Provide the tables, chairs, and The DELL sign.
Advertise in our forums and media.