Where are your farmers from?

The farmers that attend the Midland Downtown Farmers Market are all from a 200 mile radius of Midland.  On occasion we might have a visiting farmer who is outside that area (Gulf shrimp, etc) but ALL products are from TEXAS and our farmers risk losing the privilege of attending the market if they are caught bringing in produce that is not from Texas.

What happened to the vendor I bought from last year?

Our vendors are under no contract to return from year to year, some lose interest, some move on to other things (we lost a lot of farmers to the oil field,) and sometimes they move away.  You can check our current list of vendors by clicking here to visit our vendor page.

I want to eat local, what is available?

Eating locally means that you eat what is available from farmers at the moment.  To help you know what is being harvested and when, we have included this information from Go Texan so you know what you may be able to find when you visit the Midland Downtown Framers Market!  Click here to see it!

How do I become a vendor?

All potential vendors must be approved by the MDFM Board of Directors.  You can read all about the process by clicking here and going to our Join Us page.  If you are a producer (farmer or rancher) you do not need to go through the approval process, you just need to alert the Midland Downtown Farmers Market Director that you will be attending by emailing them directly at mdfmmarketdirector@gmail.com or by using the vendor form here on our webpage (click here.)

I only have a few baskets of vegetables or fruit from my tree, can I come?

Yes indeed!  We love Urban Farmers at the Midland Downtown Farmers Market!  You can come out for one Saturday, or as many as you have produce for, just fill out the vendor application form for farmers which you can find here.

I've heard it is hard to get approved to be a vendor...

It is only hard if you are trying to get approval for something that is already available at the market.  Since MDFM is a FARMERS market, anything other than farm goods must be unique and a value to the market.  If a vendor is already selling something that you want to bring (no matter how much better you think yours is) there will not be an opening until our current vendor steps down.  Dare to be different!  Bring a unique product to the Board for their approval and you will probably be welcomed into the market!  You can click here items that are already being supplied by vendors, and things that are not supplied - if you have something not on the list please apply!

You just don't want your vendors to have competition.

Actually, while the vendors might like to think that the Board is keeping the competition away for them, the truth is that if we let everyone in, every other booth would be filled with banana bread, cookies, or sweets.  The rules are enforced because first of all we are a farmers market, it isn't a sweet shop, or a craft mall, or a shopping mall...  By keeping booths filled with unique things, it makes the whole shopping trip an experience.  Any place can fill up their booths with row after row of the same thing, but when you come to the Midland Downtown Farmers Market, you can discover something new and exciting in every booth!  (We do not hold the farmers to the same limits because fresh local produce always sells!)