The prices below come from grocery stores and outlets around the Permian Basin area.  This is only a reference as to what a certain item may be going for at a certain time - it is not meant to dictate prices to vendors or suggest that vendors have to follow the prices of another establishment. 
Current prices are only provided during the regular market season from April through October.  Prices listed are for ORGANIC produce only, price listed is per 1 pound unless specified.

Black Eyed Peas $1.98
Carrots $1.98
Cucumbers $1.98
Jalapeno $1.29
Kale - Bunch $1.96
Lettuce - Red Leaf Bunch $1.78
Peppers $1.98
Potatoes $1.99
Spinach - Bunch $2.58
Summer Squash (Yellow) $2.28
Sweet Potatoes $2.64
Yellow Onions $3.46
Free Range Non-GMO Eggs $4.68