Farmers and ranchers are our priority at the Midland Downtown Farmers Market, even gardeners with just a few bushels of goods are important to us. We are here to help you get your harvest to the Permian Basin community, and we encourage those interested to stop by and see the market, visit with our vendors, and see if you would like to join our growing market family!

With the success of the Midland Downtown Farmers Market, the rules for accepting produce vendors have changed. Starting in 2017, produce vendors must fill out the Produce Vendor application and all produce that will be brought to the market that year must be listed. The Board schedules an appointment with the producer and the farm visit team will visit the farm, verifying the producer which will allow them to sell at the market. Farmers are not permitted to sell any produce or products not listed on their produce vendor application without verification from the farm visit team (this will require the produce update form to be filed and another farm visit scheduled before the item can be sold at the market.) 

For a printable copy of this form please click here