Midland Downtown Farmers' Market    Midland, Texas
Vendor Rules and Regulations  2018 - 2019

The Board of Directors of the Midland Downtown Farmers' Market (MDFM) shall enforce these rules and regulations. The Board of Directors will interpret these regulations according to the best interest of the market.
While our restrictions about like items have been relaxed, all items brought to the market (aside from produce) must be approved by the Board before you are able to sell it at your booth.  If you have any questions please direct them to the market director - they will be able to tell you if  you need to seek Board approval for your items or if they fit under what you are already bringing.

 Location & Time

The Midland Downtown Farmers' Market is located at 1705 W. Missouri Street on the front lawn of the Museum of the Southwest in Midland, Texas.
No sales are allowed before 8:30am – no exceptions.
Vendors must arrive in a timely manner to allow for their booth set up and be ready to sell by 8:30am.  The driveway is open until 8:15 for unloading and stays closed until 12:35.

 Fees and Spaces

Booths are 10’ and are $15.00 per Saturday
Electricity is available at the Museum if you need to plug anything in, the cost is $10 per Saturday.


All agricultural/horticultural products must be grown or wild gathered by the farmer/vendor or their farm assistants. There will be no reselling of produce or any agricultural products.
All agricultural/horticultural products must be grown or produced in the state of Texas.
All vendors place of production are subject to inspection by the Board of Directors. A notification will be made prior to the inspection.

Quality Standards

All products and produce must be of top quality by the determination of the Board of directors. 
Vendors are required to be able to tell their growing methods, e.g. Certified Organic, grown in organic methods, grown conventionally, or any combination thereof.

 Licenses and Taxes

All vendors are responsible for maintaining the necessary licenses and permits for their booth.
All vendors are responsible for the collection and payment of appropriate taxes.

Health Regulations

All vendors must follow Health Code Regulations as it is their responsibility to be in compliance.
All food items packaged for sale must be labeled with ALL ingredients listed on the labels along with the vendors contact information.

Vendor Booth

All vendors must have a sign which clearly displays their name, location and any available contact information.
Vendor booth set up must maintain a professional appearance.
Someone must be in attendance at the vendors booth at all times.

 Vendor Appearance & Conduct

Vendors must present themselves in an appropriate manner to all customers & other vendors.
Vendors must dress appropriately.
NO SMOKING is allowed on the Museum grounds.
Disparaging remarks about the Midland Downtown Farmers Market, any market vendor, market patron, or the Museum of the Southwest, will not be tolerated.

Vendor Suspension

Any vendor may be suspended from selling by action of the Board of Directors for failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Midland Downtown Farmers' Market.
The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations at any time.

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