We are a Texas Certified Farmers Market which means that all items available at the market must be made, grown, or produced in Texas.   MDFM does not allow the resale of items; everything must be made, grown, or produced by the person bringing them.

The Board of the Midland Downtown Farmers Market prefers to have a variety of products offered, with little or no duplication. To see a list of items that are already supplied by vendors to the market please click here.  Not all products submitted to the Board for approval will be approved, and the denial of a product does not reflect on the quality of your item.  While your product may be delicious or beautiful, they may not meet the Boards vision of the direction of this market or the rigors of this venue.  Above all, the Midland Downtown Farmers Market is a farmers market, not a bake sale or a craft mall so please understand if you are not accepted as a vendor.

If your item appeals to the Board, you will be asked to come out and set up a booth one Saturday so that the Board can experience your items first hand, no booth fee will be charged for this trial run.  Please acquaint yourself with the portion of the rules referring to the Saturday morning set up process located on page 16 of the MDFM handbook ( http://www.midlanddowntownfarmersmarket.com/rules.html )

For a printable copy of this form please click here